Replace That Cracked Driveway

Replace That Cracked Driveway

Get new concrete for your house or business

Your driveway has been broken for far too long. The cracks keep widening and the surface is uneven. To replace your driveway, turn to Custom Concrete and Epoxy, LLC. We offer concrete installation services for home and business owners.

You can also count on us to install:

  • A parking lot, to give your clients more parking spaces
  • A sidewalk, to replace the broken one on your property
  • A concrete slab, to lay the foundation for a shed or outdoor living area
  • A curb and gutter, to control flowing rainwater on your property

Additionally, we can even create stamped concrete. To find out more about what we can add to your property, talk to our local concrete installer today.

Hire a concrete contractor who will do the job right

While there are plenty of concrete installers in the Canton, MO area, that doesn't mean they can all handle your project. Our contractor brings over 20 years of experience to the table. You can count on us to install your concrete properly. We'll make sure it's ready to last for years to come. Call 573-470-2367 now to arrange for concrete installation services.